ServiceNow: a standard platform with the ability to quickly and easily build business apps for unique business processes

ServiceNow offers a powerful, secure and user-friendly platform

ServiceNow offers a powerful, secure and user-friendly platform in which all the work and information can be brought together. We quite often observe that employees currently manage their work using Excel, mail, SharePoint, Lotus Notes or with sticky notes. This usually leads to sub-optimal processes and waste. Application development can solve this problem but traditional application development can’t meet the requirements of today’s fast-moving digital businesses. ServiceNow provide a single, mobile and web application development platform to quickly build business applications at lightspeed®, to power your digital transformation.

Unstructured work costs a lot of money

In many large organizations, many business processes are controlled with tools such as Excel and email; data often comes from the mailbox or files of individual users. This way of working carries major risks: Who can access sensitive data? What happens if the owner of the data is not present? What happens if the data gets lost? In many cases, a small incident may cause a complete process to come to a halt and it is challenging to undo it. We believe that this must change.

ServiceNow: ‘Business Apps at Lightspeed®

The reason why many organizations use email and Excel is because their employees are familiar with the user interface, and an ‘application’ can be developed relatively quickly. ServiceNow offers exactly these advantages, but also offers a powerful and secure platform to build business applications. There are two main reasons why high-quality applications can be developed quickly:

  1. Reuse: Many data and components can be reused. ServiceNow is linked to your Active Directory (user data) and Single Sign-On systems. Other (reference) data is often also present, such as: organization and departments, cost centers, organizational structure, customers, suppliers and much more.
  2. Low code development: ServiceNow offers the possibility to build a large part of a business application through ‘Point and Click’. You don’t have to be an experienced application developer to build a simple business application. According to the research institutes, Forrester and Gartner, ServiceNow is seen as a leader in the Low Code Development segment.
Gartners Magic Quadrant for Enterprise HPAPaaS

A world-class dedicated Business App Development Team

Since its beginning in 2013, Plat4mation has been building applications on the ServiceNow platform. In 2014, we also won the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award with Rooms4U.

Nowadays, we have several applications available in the ServiceNow Store. We have also helped a lot of customers, specifically tailor their business processes through the realization of these applications. Examples are applications for onboarding, relocation and offboarding of employees, measuring and improving customer satisfaction, expense declarations, Compliance processes and many others.

Apps4U has been brought to life by a dedicated Plat4mation team who are building, designing and testing those applications. They have their own Agile way of working, wherein (automated) testing and quality controls play an important role. In addition, they use a unique set of application development tools, architectures and a library of codes, scripts and functions.

Native mobile applications with offline possibilities

The ServiceNow platform distinguishes itself because it can be used on all types of devices: laptop, tablet and mobile phone. However, as a cloud-based service, you will need internet accessibility. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to have access to the internet. For example: in data centers, underground, in factories and remote factories. This creates the need for native mobile applications with offline capabilities.

A native app can, among other things, offer support to Field Service Management. Employees on the work floor can quickly submit incidents via the app. When, for example, a machine is broken, the incident — which is created using the app — will result in the automated assignment of the incident to the right technician to ensure minimum downtime.

Alongside this, the technician will receive a set of automatically created tasks in his own app containing all available information regarding solving the breakdown including the required materials. Using both trend analysis and machine learning, insights into the root causes of a problem are identified, in order to proactively prevent recurring machine failures and thereby increasing the uptime of the production process.

Co-development: realizing dreams with a fraction of the actual costs

Sometimes we get a demand from one of our customers to build an application, which we think has a broader need in the market.

In that case, we offer a ‘co-development’ project. We ask an investment from the customer, but we provide our own time and resources to develop an application. The application will be available in the ServiceNow Store for all the ServiceNow users. In addition to the advantage that the client has a lower investment, co-development also offers other advantages: the application is certified by ServiceNow, we prepare the application for future ServiceNow versions, we develop new features and you have access to our engineers in case of questions or support.

How to build reliable and maintainable business application on the Now platform?

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ServiceNow: a standard platform with the ability to quickly and easily build business apps for unique business processes

ServiceNow offers a powerful, secure and user-friendly platform in which all the work and information can be brought together. We quite often observe that employees currently manage their work using...

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