Optimize Facility Management with ServiceNow

Plat4mation addresses the greatest challenges of Facility Management and lets organizations make optimal use of the available resources, people, time and space. Supply and demand are maximally coordinated, within a user-friendly environment.

The importance of effective Facility Management in times of growing complexity

Managing facilities well is an indispensable element for every organization. With the growing complexity, speed and size of an organization and the world around it, responsibilities and expectations increase. Not only must be ensured that processes are monitored, administration and reports are accurate and users are served, it also has to go fast, good and at low cost.

Therefore, there is a strong desire for a (facility) organization that’s ‘in control’. Such organizations ensure that the supply of facility services is precisely tailored to the demand, all facility processes run smoothly and that there is maximum ease of use. Plat4mation makes this possible by means of the ServiceNow platform.

Facility Management with ServiceNow

The facility manager plays an important role in achieving strategic business outcomes. The use of legacy software, email and spreadsheets, and the limited ability to view, track and report over facility service requests makes it difficult to deliver this strategic impact.

Deliver strategic impact with the help of ServiceNow. With ServiceNow you can manage, visualize and optimize utilization of Facility assets and resources. Facility requests are automatically assigned to the correct facility specialist or teams. Integrated reporting provides insight into the volume, types of requests and individual capacities, allowing facility teams to optimize resources, improve preventive maintenance cycles, the ability to match services to the organization’s priorities and accordingly, demonstrate the impact on the organization in ways that matter to leaders.

Better, cheaper and faster facility services

Plat4mation empowers the Facility Manager by offering solutions based on the ServiceNow platform, which includes:

  • …employees can easily contact Facility Management for questions and requests, which increases customer satisfaction.
  • …the work of the facility organization and its suppliers can be made transparent and managed, so that more value can be derived from employees and suppliers.
  • …use of resources, work spaces and meeting rooms can be optimized to control costs.
  • …simple integrations with suppliers (via email or integrations) can be made, so that no time is wasted on double administration.

Plat4mation goes even further than the already existing ServiceNow platform. We build on the existing building blocks to ensure that you, as Facility Manager, are able to handle (future) challenges even better. For example, we have a specific solution for optimizing the use of (meeting) rooms and we offer a solution and an approach that enables organizations to coordinate the supply and demand of workplaces. Always as customer-friendly and user-friendly as possible.

Rooms4U: a special developed user-friendly Meeting Room Booking application

With the Rooms4U applications, employees are enabled to make the best use of available space in a very user-friendly way.

To optimize the use of (meeting) rooms we offer the following:

  • Book meeting rooms from ServiceNow, via Outlook (with the Exchange Integration) or via mobile.
  • With BookNow devices (specially developed touch screens that typically are placed outside the meeting rooms) you get insight into ‘no-shows’ and meeting rooms. They also allow you to book meeting rooms directly.
  • Through our ‘Visitor & Catering Add-in’ you can register visitors, reserve parking space, order lunch and more, from one simple interface.
Read more about Rooms4U

Cubicles4U: reserving workplaces is also a piece of cake

With our ready to use application, Cubicles4U, you make it as easy as possible for employees to reserve workspaces. With this application, you support the ‘hoteling’ concept and it makes you able to increase the occupancy rate of your workplaces. If you are looking for technological possibilities to increase occupancy (for example from 0.5 workplace per FTE to 0.8 workplace per FTE), we are pleased to tell you how Cubicles4U can contribute.

Read more about Cubicles4U

The Facility Manager ‘in control’

Maximum ability to steer on figures (with effective reports)

All information you record in ServiceNow (e.g. complaints, wishes, requests, reservations, resources) can be used in reports and dashboards. These provide insight in, and overview of, the work of the (facility) organization and the actual use of the office space. Consequently, this gives Facility Managers the opportunity to base the choices they have to make on clear and accurate figures. As a result, management of employees and suppliers can be more effectively steered towards service improvement.

Advice and implementation

Like no other, we know how complex implementation issues can be. To ensure that projects run as smoothly as possible, we are happy to help our customers with advice and implementation.

Based on your needs, we determine what is required to unleash your full potential. We offer advice, guidance, training and we ensure that everyone is properly involved in the ServiceNow implementation trajectory.

Our approach offers several benefits for our customer:

  1. Implement quicker and smarter
  2. Easy installation and implementation
  3. Optimum support, training and maintenance
  4. Satisfied employees and users
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Watch our on-demand webinar about how to reduce facility costs and improve employee satisfaction

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On-demand webinar: Reduce facility costs and improve employee satisfaction

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How Swiss Re has streamlined facilities management with a service desk approach

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