HR Service Delivery: give employees the service experience they deserve

Give your employees an optimal employee experience when they consume HR services. Use the ServiceNow platform to facilitate the interaction between employees and HR. Make clear which questions and requests can be submitted to HR and streamline fulfillment (Straight Through Processing), also for processes that span across the borders of the HR department.

Employees become customers

The last few years, the world of HR has changed considerably. Because of digitization, the need to respond quickly and adequately to employee needs has grown substantially. An employee, nowadays, expects to be treated as an individual. They want unique career counseling, tailored coaching and personalized training budgets. Your employees aren’t afraid to ask questions and takes the initiative.

Offering this personalized attention cannot lead to an increase of HR costs. There is a lot of pressure to provide employee services – also called HR Service Delivery – in a smarter and automated manner. The employees must be enabled to help themselves, so scarce HR specialists can focus on more valuable tasks.

Improving the employee experience and optimizing HR Service Delivery processes can be a challenge.  Especially for organizations that still work with old (HR-ERP) systems. These outdated systems are often not linked, don’t offer the possibilities to support processes flexibly and their user-friendliness isn’t what it should be.

Excellent HR Service Delivery

Our goal is to offer employees a pleasant experience when interacting with HR. Too often, employees don’t know which HR systems to use to get something done. In some cases, it’s also not clear whether HR is the right place to arrange certain matters. On-boarding is a great example of a cross organizational process, wherein creating a user account, arranging a workplace and an access pass is performed by multiple departments. The lack of a clear communications channel leads to a situation where most of the communication with HR is done via mail and phone. However, this makes it difficult for an employee to gain insight into the status of a request, resulting in even more emails and phone calls to check on status. Even the HR manager has no insight into the work of their department, making it difficult to improve the processes. This should change.

To meet today’s challenges of HR, a system is needed to manage these HR processes

We believe ServiceNow is the best platform to tackle the challenges of HR in the field of HR Service Delivery. The ServiceNow platform offers a central place where your employees can go for all HR related matters. We call this the ‘Single System of Engagement’.  All questions and requests to HR can be picked-up by the right HR specialist and processed efficiently and effectively. For example; questions from employees about their career, but also on-boarding requests, relocation and off-boarding of staff. Many of these processes require coordinated handling, involving employees from several departments (HR, Facility Management, IT, Finance). The combination of a user-friendly portal, flexible workflows, good integration capabilities with underlying ERP systems and powerful reporting functionality, makes ServiceNow the ideal platform to streamline and manage communication between HR and its employees.

The benefits of supporting HR Service Delivery with the use of ServiceNow:

  • Overview and insight: less time spend on administration and reporting.
  • Monitor processes to identify bottlenecks, leading to improvements of processes that will last, at lower costs.
  • Save HR specialist time, so that it can be spent on more valuable activities and strategic HR tasks.
  • Optimal customer experience for employees leading to improved employee satisfaction
  • Employees can independently consume HR services, when and where they need them.
  • Support cross organizational processes that involve several departments (e.g. on-boarding, relocation and off-boarding)
  • Improve request intake, to prevent mistakes and unnecessary actions are eliminated (Straight Through Processing).

Plat4mation for HR

When you decide to implement ServiceNow to support HR Service Delivery, Plat4mation will guide you to achieve your goals and ensure you use the full potential of the platform. Plat4mation understands the challenges of HR and the impact of switching to innovative technology. We offer advice, guidance and training addressed to meet HR challenges. Our implementation approach ensures a quick implementation of HR Service Delivery processes (especially HR case Management). Our extensive knowledge and experience in on-boarding, relocation and off-boarding processes ensures the configuration is developed quickly, aligned with your own policies and procedures. During the implementation, we also pay attention to setting up powerful reports and dashboards. So, processes can be controlled, improved and managed.

Advice and implementation

Our experience and knowledge in the field of HR Service Delivery go beyond the technical implementation of the ServiceNow platform. We understand the challenges HR departments face and take this fully into account. Because of our extensive experience and our team versatility, we are able to implement solutions quickly, but at the same time we also contribute and advise on a strategic level to ensure you journey leads to the expected results. We share insights about how to get the most out of ServiceNow to allow you to ‘unleash the full potential of your HR department’.

Optimal user experience

We build the employee experience using the ServiceNow HR Service Portal that is accessible through several devices (laptop, tablet, mobile). We adapt the appearance/styling of the Service Portal to align to other internal applications (such as the HR intranet). This creates a seemingly Unified Customer Experience, which increases familiarity, user friendliness and thereby employee satisfaction. Our expertise on Service Portal development enables us to rapidly design, build and test your portal, without sacrificing on quality.

When using the HR Service Portal, your employees are guided in finding answers to their questions and submitting requests. The intelligent forms ensure all relevant information is filled by the requester, so HR employees don’t need to contact the requester for additional information to handle a particular request. This reduces waste and positively impacts employee satisfaction.

Integrate and automate

ServiceNow doesn’t replace other core HR-ERP systems, such as Peoplesoft, Workday and Sap HCM. It functions as a ‘System of Engagement’, by which employees interact and where questions and requests submitted. The outcome of an interaction may be that the core HR-ERP system needs to be updated. For example, a request made in ServiceNow to change someone’s working hours, needs to be reflected in the HR-ERP system to ensure it is taken into account in the pay-roll process.

Plat4mation  integrated ServiceNow with many other (HR) systems and made an application to make that task a lot easier: Connector4U (add link). We also have extensive experience in automating HR operations processes, such as on-boarding, relocation and off-boarding. For example, creating (AD) user accounts, email addresses, assigning users to (AD) groups, granting rights and more. In these cases, we use the ‘Orchestration’ module of ServiceNow. We build integrations with all surrounding systems, so manual and (double) administrative work is prevented.


Organizations choose ServiceNow to support the HR Service Delivery for a reason; besides the powerful HR Service Delivery functionality, ServiceNow stands out as a very secure system where sensitive HR data can be stored. ServiceNow complies with the highest requirements and standards for the storage of data in the cloud.

ServiceNow Achieves Highest Level of
Cloud Security Certification in Singapore

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