DevOps: increase customer value and reduce the time-to-market

Let Plat4mation assist you by implementing the DevOps way of working, a method which allows your (IT) organization to add maximum value in times of change, adapt quickly to new market conditions and achieve significant competitive advantages.

A goal-oriented way of working in a time of ever greater challenges

Today’s IT departments are facing greater challenges than ever. Employees expect 24/7 availability of IT services and development must be done quickly with the intention of reducing the time-to market of new internal and external services.

From this complexity, the need for a completely new work concept has risen. A way of thinking and working that ensures the focus is on adding as much value as possible within an environment that demands maximum speed and agility.

Need for integration within the value chain

In order to allow the IT organization to create maximum value, it’s necessary to collaborate smartly with colleagues and IT customers (‘the business’). IT organizations used to be separated into several independently operating departments; Development (Dev), IT and Security Operations (Ops) with a strict separation between IT and its customers. Nowadays there is a need for integrating all these parties.  This integration – which provides the basis for creating maximum value and speed – is called DevOps.

DevOps focuses on the optimal integration of Agile Software Development and IT Operations

A new way of working: cooperation, communication and infrastructure

The realization that DevOps should be the new way of working for your organization in order to stay competitive is only the first step. The bigger challenge is combining people from multiple departments that each have very different origins and principles in DevOps teams .

This redesign demands a lot from an organization; cooperation needs to improve, accurate and structured communication is an absolute must and processes must be aligned to realize maximum customer value. A new way of working is needed to make this possible, supported by powerful tools.

Plat4mation makes digital transformation possible

Helping organizations to transform fits Plat4mation like a glove. Based on our philosophy to make organizations smarter and more effective, we have developed an approach that offers a complete solution for this problem; creating a new system from the proper starting point and correctly deploying people, processes and technology.

Working DevOps with the right tools

DevOps teams consist of people with different roles. For these teams to work together optimally and to prioritize different types of work, it’s essential that everyone is using the same system.

ServiceNow is such a system; it offers a unique platform with Agile Development and Agile Service Management modules to manage all types of work for all team members.

Agile Development: ServiceNow can manage the entire change process, from initial ideas to implemented software. The Agile Development modules provide functionality for individual teams to prioritize, plan and execute their work. The advantage of having a uniform Product backlog, making it possible to manage the dependencies between teams (‘Agile at scale’). In complex IT environments, this prevents teams having to wait for each other to realize new product features. ServiceNow integrates with tools for designing, building, testing and releasing new software to provide complete control over the continuous delivery pipeline. In addition, performance is managed by collecting relevant data to measure the development speed of your DevOps teams.

Agile Service Management: The ServiceNow modules for Agile Service Management have been recognized as best-in-the-market for years. This ensures changes in services and underlying systems go into production in a controlled fashion, with minimal administrative burden and without disruptions. ServiceNow also allows DevOps teams to perform unscheduled work such as incidents and service requests. Finally, the modules for IT Operations Management and Cloud Management offer DevOps teams the possibility to easily request and manage infrastructure ‘as a service’.

A new way of thinking

With a new way of working, comes a new way of thinking. In collaboration with GamingWorks, we developed an interactive business simulation called The Phoenix Project – ServiceNow. Through this interactive business simulation, we provide an experience of how it is to work according to DevOps principles and how to optimally orchestrate this way of working using ServiceNow. This is a unique way for teams to experience the power of DevOps and ServiceNow. It’s also a good way to see if DevOps in combination with ServiceNow is suited for your organization.

Advice and implementation

Our experience and knowledge goes beyond the technical implementation of the ServiceNow platform. Due to the versatility of our teams and partnerships with leading consultancy firms, we are able to support you during your entire DevOps journey. We like to share insights about how to get the most out of ServiceNow to take your opportunities to the next level.

Agile4U and Kanban4U: a set of powerful applications to work agile

Agile4U is a set of powerful applications that improves the user friendliness of the Agile Development modules of ServiceNow. Your employees receive the right tools to facilitate the Agile process and communication with their colleagues. The StoryBoard, PortfolioWall and Scrumboard are parts of Agile4U which have been developed to support the complete (Scaled) Agile Value Cycle – from organizational objectives to software releases.

Read more about Agile4U

In addition to Agile4U we offer Kanban4U, an application to support the Kanban way of working that makes it even easier for teams to manage their work.

Read more about Kanban4U

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