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The world is changing rapidly; organizations are growing and innovate continuously. Working smart and efficient is key to stay competitive in constantly changing markets. Unstructured processes and legacy tools can be a major hold back. Meanwhile, demands of employees are constantly rising, and as an organization you want to keep the talented people engaged.

With the help of Plat4mation you can structure work, monitor processes, get real-time insights, create reports easily and serve your employees. Give valuable time back to employees so they can concentrate on what they are good at. Realize your company goals and provide a maximum impact. Work smarter and quicker with the ServiceNow Single System of Action™ in combination with our experienced and energized team.

Within the listed process improvement themes, you can read more about our solutions regarding these popular subjects. Find out how your organization can benefit from the offered solutions and start working smarter and more effective to save time and costs.

Plat4mation offers solutions for the entire organization. With our broad knowledge in various industries we can solve every business challenge imaginable – we love a challenge! Is your desired theme not listed? Let us know! We are happy to discuss your needs and wishes at any time.

DevOps: increase customer value and reduce the time-to-market

Let Plat4mation help you with the DevOps way of working, a method which allows your (IT) organization to add maximum value in times of ever faster change. Let Development (Dev), IT and Security operations (Ops) and its customers (the business) collaborate efficiently to adapt faster to new market conditions and achieve significant competitive advantages.

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ServiceNow: a standard platform with the ability to quickly and easily build business apps for unique business processes

What happens if from one day to the next, tools such as Excel and email, were no longer used to manage work in large organizations? Probably a greater part of the processes will stop. While Excel and email are great tools for certain processes, they are not the best tools for every process. Especially not for important business processes which you should structure, measure and control (sometimes sensitive) data and make sure that it’s backed up periodically. Additionally, often the process needs functionality that stretches beyond the capabilities of Excel and email.

One of the key features of ServiceNow is that it allows for customization and application development. Taking this approach, the process becomes the starting point, so that the application will be developed exactly that it tailors your needs. This way, the tool supports your process, instead of the other way around: a process that needs to be adapted so that the tool can be used.

Build unique business apps at light speed thanks to the reusable components of the ServiceNow platform and the possibility of developing in no code or low code.

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HR Service Delivery: give employees the service experience they deserve

The world of HR is changing thanks to advances in digital technology and addressing the rising employee demand for a more consumerized work environment.

Offer your employees a consumer-like experience when they try to get services from HR. Deliver fast and personalized service to improve employee satisfaction without an increase in the HR costs. Increase HR productivity by reducing repetitive tasks, and use fewer resources to serve more employees by automating HR interactions using the ServiceNow platform.

The ServiceNow platform offers a central place where your employees can go to for all HR related matters. All questions and requests to HR can be picked up and executed efficiently and effectively with the HR management functionality. For example; questions of employees about their career, but also onboarding requests, relocation and off-boarding of staff. Especially these processes often require coordinated handling, involving employees from several departments (e.g. HR, Facility Management, IT, Finance).

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Optimize Facility Management with ServiceNow

Plat4mation offer solutions for the biggest challenges facing facility managers. Allow your organization to make optimal use of the available resources, people, time and space.

The organization relies on the help of facility managers to achieve business objectives. Yet, the limited ability to view, track and report over service requests for facilities makes it difficult to deliver strategic impact. Make use of the ServiceNow platform to ensure that the supply of facility services is precisely tailored to the demand, all facility processes run smoothly and that there is maximum ease of use.

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Technology as an enabler of transformation

Organizations usually start out small when they adopt an agile methodology and way of working. As affinity grows and teams start to perform more effectively...
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ITSM versus DevOps: which side are you on?

In the IT industry, there are a lot of different opinions concerning ITSM and DevOps. Most of the time you choose one side – you are an ITIL or DevOps driven organization.
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Realizing cultural change in organizations made easy with serious gaming

The transition to an increasingly digital economy has forced many organizations to review their way of working.
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DevOps: increase customer value and reduce the time-to-market

Today’s IT departments are facing greater challenges than ever. Employees expect 24/7 availability of IT services and development must be done quickly with the intention of reducing the time-to ...

Apps – Accelerate deployment of applications and integrations

IT and application development are facing an increasing demand for new applications from users across the organization.

ServiceNow: a standard platform with the ability to quickly and easily build business apps for unique business processes

ServiceNow offers a powerful, secure and user-friendly platform in which all the work and information can be brought together. We quite often observe that employees currently manage their work using...

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