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Our Best Practice Approach enables your organization to…

  • Implement faster with higher quality
  • Make optimal use of existing (market) knowledge and experience
  • Fit seamlessly with the ServiceNow philosophy
  • Have maximum maneuverability in exceptional situations

At Plat4mation we are extremely focused on delivering value. We noticed that in almost every situation more is possible when looking at things differently and smarter.

This is reflected in the results we realize for our customers: by helping our customers to look at existing processes differently and by making smart use of their IT resources, there is room to get more done with the same people.

But, we go even further: our project approach offers the ‘best practice’ to directly raise your organizational maturity in various areas. We use both market standards and our own experience to ask the right questions at the right time and provide you with the right answers. To achieve the right results as quickly as possible during implementation projects, our approach ensures that we work together with all stakeholders. We use a range of Power Packs: with these implementation accelerators, we can convert existing resources into working solutions in a customer-specific environment in no time.

Do not reinvent the wheel time and again

In many IT projects and ServiceNow implementations, a conscious or unconscious attempt is being made to reinvent the wheel, which results in expensive and ineffective solutions. You can’t ignore the fact that many steps have been taken before, which brings us to the question: How can we make maximum use of our knowledge and experience to achieve better results in less time? That question has prompted us to create a method that:

  1. Makes optimal use of existing (market) knowledge and experience.
  2. Connects seamlessly with the philosophy of the platform supplier of the software to be implemented, so we can stay close to Out-of-the-box (meaning standard) functionality. To guarantee the safety of the use of the platform and the possibility to update without problems.
  3. Maximum maneuverability in exceptional situations, by ensuring that there is connection between the technology, the process and the organization.

Being effective in the short and long term

IT projects regularly have to deal with difficult short- and long-term considerations. We help our customers to make the right choices. The long-term satisfaction and maintainability of your solutions always comes first. Of course, without losing sight of the short-term goals (such as budget).

A head start due to the methodology of Plat4mation

At Plat4mation we do everything we can to make good use of existing methods (ITIL, DevOps, IT4IT), previous findings and learned lessons. We make effective use of our experience by continuously building on the experiences of successfully completed projects, to let our customers maximally benefit. With this approach, we want to help as many organizations as possible to transform successfully.

Stakeholder management

The effectiveness of IT transformations structurally improves when stakeholders are well involved in projects, when they can provide input and the communication is clear. Our best practice Approach allows you to do this. The result? More involvement, acceptance and the ability to change more quickly.

Smart and flexible

With our best practice approach, we ensure that all the essential steps are taken and non-essential steps are avoided. By using these fixed steps, time and resources are not getting wasted. It provides a clear guidance, of which the success already has been proven. Our approach does provide the ability to respond to different customer situations and unique problems, so that our solution is guaranteed to fulfil the project- and business objectives.

Growing together

We are always looking for new solutions and insights. When we notice recurring problems, we work to integrate them into our standard approach and accelerators (Power Packs). That’s how we grow every single day. Together with our customers.

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