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Accelerate deployment of applications and integrations

IT and application development are facing an increasing demand for new applications from users across the organization. This demand results in growing backlogs for IT. To reduce development costs and to save time, use our ‘off the shelve’ apps which can be installed at the ServiceNow platform. Tackle various business problems with these ready-to-use applications. The apps are certified by ServiceNow for platform compatibility, security and performance so you can deploy with confidence!

Our deep technical expertise in the ServiceNow platform, allows us to build Apps that excel in User Experience and Functionality. Our ServiceNow Innovation of the Year Award is a testimony of building high performance apps to extend the value of your investment in the ServiceNow platform. We deliver our apps directly via the ServiceNow Store, but we can also engage in co-creation to build your apps.

We support clients by developing custom apps on the ServiceNow platform. Co-creating apps with us ensures that the client ServiceNow app ideas are realized at a fraction of the actual costs. We ask an investment from our client, but we provide our own time and resources to develop the application. In addition to the advantage that the client has a lower investment, co-development also offers other advantages: the application is certified by ServiceNow, we prepare the application for future ServiceNow versions, develop new features and you have access to our engineers in case of questions or complaints.

Rooms4U: A meeting room booking system to optimize utilization

Scheduling a meeting is a routine activity. Yet it can be a time consuming and unnecessary complicated if you don’t have an efficient booking process and tool.

Offer employees an easy way to reserve meeting rooms with Rooms4U and at the same time make the most efficient use of the available meeting rooms. Increase employee satisfaction, save valuable time of the employees and reduce costs by using the application Rooms4U.

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Cubicles4U: optimize your office space utilization with a desk booking system

Office space is costly, so making the best use of the workspace is crucial. Let employees easily reserve flexible workplaces or cubicles with the desk booking system Cubicles4U. Measure office space utilization which helps the Facility Manager to make choices based on real data, optimize the utilization based on analysis and save costs accordingly.

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Planboard4U: resource scheduling in one single overview to optimize resource utilization

It’s a big challenge for organizations to allocate people with the right skills, to the project where those skills are needed and have the necessary resources available at the right time.

How easy would it be to do resource scheduling in one single overview? Planboard4U smoothly blends allocating tasks, planning work and keeping track of appointments together. This empowers you with a full overview of operational and project activities between departments and employees. Optimize resource utilization and improve employees’ productivity with Planboard4U.

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Scrumboard4U: free Scrum board with an enhanced view for the product owner

This free Scrum board supports your ‘Scrum way of working’. Drastically simplify the job of planning a sprint and managing the team capacity to complete the stories in the sprint in a transparent, forward looking and intuitive way.

Scrumboard4U makes smart use of existing ServiceNow functionality and data model and provides an enhanced view for the product owner to manage product delivery across multiple teams and sprints. The app seamlessly complements the standard ServiceNow Sprint Planning Board.

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Kanban4U: a Kanban board which enables teams to create flow

Is your organization looking into working according to Kanban principles or is your organization already using Kanban? Let your organization benefit from our Kanban4U application. Kanban4U can combine work from different ServiceNow modules in one view and offers the flexibility to allow your teams to structure the work in a way suitable for their team purposes.

Kanban4U provide teams with a single overview to manage multiple types of work through different stages taking available capacity (work in progress limits) into account. Increase team and organizational flow and productivity with Kanban4U.


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Connector4U: quickly create robust ServiceNow integrations with systems inside and outside your organization

When building a ServiceNow integration to another ServiceNow instance, an internal ERP system or the IT Service Management platform of an external Service Provider, you require administrators with advanced scripting knowledge (REST, SOAP). Building a fully functioning integration is usually quite a complex task and therefore highly time consuming. After a ServiceNow integration is developed, making changes is typically the last thing companies want to undertake, limiting your organization’s innovation potential.

Connector4U is a best practice, quick and cost effective approach to create ServiceNow integrations to other systems or to your external service providers. Significantly reduce the work required to build, maintain and adapt world class interfaces.

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Agile4U: an agile tool specially developed to support the complete Value Cycle to allow Agile to work at large scale

Agile4U is developed to support the complete Value Cycle to allow Agile to work at large scale with the use of ServiceNow. The Agile4U application combines custom (Store) Apps and functionality with already existing ServiceNow modules, in order to manage the whole value stream from identification of company goals to realization. With Agile4U the processes run more efficiently and they will be more cost-effective when you deliver software that directly contributes to the business goals. Have less waste and create more value.

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Graphs4U: Easily visualize and summarize data in ServiceNow reports and dashboards

The Graphs4U application is especially useful for managers who need to create and view management reports. Reduce reporting effort within ServiceNow. With Graphs4U you can easily create the complex customized reports and dashboards you were missing in the standard ServiceNow Reporting module. Have a real-time view of the desired ServiceNow data and save time and money by eliminating the need for data doctoring in Excel and repeated manual report creation.

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Apps – Accelerate deployment of applications and integrations

IT and application development are facing an increasing demand for new applications from users across the organization.

ServiceNow: a standard platform with the ability to quickly and easily build business apps for unique business processes

ServiceNow offers a powerful, secure and user-friendly platform in which all the work and information can be brought together. We quite often observe that employees currently manage their work using...

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