Scrumboard4U a free Scrum board with an enhanced view for the product owner

This Scrum board supports your ‘Scrum way of working’ and is specifically designed to enhance the view for product owners. The result? This board drastically simplifies the job of planning a sprint and managing the team capacity to complete the stories in the sprint in a transparent, forward looking and intuitive way.

How can your organization benefit from using Scrumboard4U? 

Is your organization working or moving towards a (Scaled) Agile / Scrum way of working? Then let your organization benefit from the ServiceNow SDLC / Agile Development modules complemented by Scrumboard4U. Scrumboard4U makes smart use of existing ServiceNow functionality and data model and provides an enhanced view for the product owner to manage product delivery across multiple teams and sprints. Scrumboard4U seamlessly complements the “Out-of-the-box” ServiceNow Sprint Planning Board.

Scrumboard4U helps in organizing and managing your backlog of planned work (stories) and creates a clear overview in which sprint certain stories will be worked on. The result is that teams work more effectively together and across multiple teams to ensure as much value as possible is delivered for your clients and stakeholders.

Smart use of the complete ServiceNow platform

Your Scrum teams typically are responsible for delivering both Planned work (stories) and unplanned work (incidents and service requests). ServiceNow provides both Agile Development and Agile Service Management modules on a single platform. This ensures your team members only require the use of 1 single platform to manage all their work. This gives Team members a better overview on the tasks that need to be performed. It also provides Product Owners better insight in the types of work performed by their teams and which enhancements / stories to prioritize in order to minimize unplanned work as much as possible.

The benefits of the enhanced view for product owners

Part of the product owner responsibilities is to have a vision of what he or she wishes to build, and convey that vision to the Scrum team. The product owner does this in part through the product backlog, which is a prioritized list of features for the product. With Scrumboard4U the product owner can view the backlog and assemble multiple sprints, taking team capacity into account. Specifically for larger organizations or when products are delivered by multiple teams, Scrumboard4U also makes it easy to plan the stories in sprints between different teams.


Transparency drives Continuous improvement

Scrumboard4U provides transparency to the organization, teams and team members. This ensures that everyone can look at who is doing what and the total amount of work allocated to a sprint. This openness drives team commitments and will make it easier for individual team members to jump in, or to give advice about certain tasks. Using this transparency during the daily Scrum meetings, ensures that more knowledge sharing takes place. An impediment identified during the daily Scrum meeting can then be solved earlier, allowing more value to be realized quicker.

A user friendly Scrum board

Scrumboard4U offers drag-and-drop features to move stories between the backlog and teams’ sprints. This drastically simplifies the job of assembling a sprint and managing the capacity to complete the stories in the sprint. Using Scrumboard4U also allows virtual team to work smarter, because it is accessible from any location across the globe.

Working agile at scale

Scrumboard4U does a great job in supporting you to use the Scrum method to work Agile. But what if you want to make the transition to Agile at Scale? Scrumboard4U is part of the Agile4U application. Agile4U provides 3 specific dashboards, StoryMap, PortfolioWall and Scrumboard4U that support the Scaled Agile way of working, from defining your change initiatives until execution. For more information about the Agile4U application visit Agile4U.

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APG Groep NV on 2017-08-08 20:58 for version 1.7.3
We are using this application now for about 9 months. It really is a wonderful app that helps us build our Sprint backlogs. Within one overview page, we can see the backlog, upcoming sprints by the team. And plan accordingly. Especially the enhancements in the latest version really help. We want to enable filtering based on developers. And even that is coming in a new release. So nice job! And thank you.
Sentara Healthcare Inc on 2017-02-23 00:49 for version 1.1.4
Very nice layout … Just needs a couple of tweeks that I have been assured are coming! Keep up the good work guys!

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