Rooms4U a meeting room booking system to optimize utilization

Offer employees an easy way to reserve meeting rooms with the meeting room booking system and at the same time make the most efficient use of the available meeting rooms. The result? Increased employee satisfaction and lower costs.

How can your organization benefit from a meeting room booking system?

Your organization stands to benefit from the implementation of a room booking system, because meeting room management processes have a direct impact on employee satisfaction and financial results. Use your office space and your meeting rooms efficiently by making informed facility choices based on real data and at the same time save costs by eliminating time consuming tasks for employees.

Scheduling a meeting is a routine activity. Yet it can be a time consuming and unnecessary complicated if you don’t have an efficient booking process and tool. In addition, the work environment is changing due to shifting trends and improved technology. Organizations are working smarter which requires a booking system that is accessible any time, from any location and from any device. Whereby mobile devices are increasingly being used by employees to connect to organizational resources.

Continuously optimize meeting room utilization

The Rooms4U application (app) is developed to create a solution for meeting room management challenges. This app enables organizations to coordinate the demand and supply of meeting rooms. The apps provide you with data on which you can make valuable and informed decisions to allocate valuable office space and at the same time inform the business.

With the app, employees can easily and efficiently reserve meeting rooms. Rooms4U immediately ensures a higher employee satisfaction and save time for the employees and facility staff. So that they can spend time on what is really important and what they are good at.

Reduce facility costs and save time

Rooms4U keeps track of all the reservations, provides reports and relieves you from actions that were previously required, such as answering a reservation request, creating overviews and other related administrative activities. Hence you are saving secretarial and service desk costs.

Improve employee satisfaction, redeem employees of unnecessary actions, avoid any frustrations such as double bookings and speed up the process considerably while reducing costs.

Continue to improve with ease

Rooms4U provides extensive insight and overview, without spending a lot of time to collect the required data. This way you can quickly and easily discover opportunities for improvement. You can see who is reserving meeting rooms, how large groups are in average and when it is rush hour. The app tracks all reservations and provides insight into all sorts of relevant data via a clear dashboard. This information can also be used to charge departments for the use of meeting rooms.

The app is not only pleasant for the end user, but also tailored to the needs of Facility Managers. The efficiency of space use, service and satisfaction can be quickly measured and optimized. Achieve more results, in less time, at lower costs!

A user friendly room booking system

Rooms4U is a ready-to-use module to reserve meeting rooms, in a very pleasant and intuitive way. Easily check which meeting rooms are available and reserve in one go. Reserve meeting rooms wherever and whenever you want within ServiceNow, via a BookNow device (if purchased) or mobile phone.

Our optional BookNow Devices can be easily mounted next to every meeting room. The device immediately shows a status overview, indicating when a room is occupied or available. A meeting can be booked on the spot via the BookNow Device, which is especially useful for ad-hoc meetings. When a meeting room reservation is scheduled to start, employees need to check-in for the meeting. The reservation status will be automatically set to “no-show”, when you don’t check-in, for example when you forgot to cancel the meeting. Not showing up ensures the meeting room becomes available again for use by other employees. This greatly reduces the waste of office space. The BookNow Devices are a valuable extension of the room4u app.

Book meetings easily via email and add other amenities

Facility services still often work via a combination of e-mail, spreadsheets and outdated systems. The reservation of meeting rooms is then often accompanied by a lot of time consumption, lack of clarity and annoyances. Rooms4U relieves employees of those tedious, time-consuming irritations.

Rooms4U Exchange Integration

The Rooms4U Exchange Integration makes it possible for employees to reserve a room within their Outlook mail client. Within a single screen you can filter on specific room properties, find an available room, check the agenda of the invitees and send the invitation.

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Rooms4U Visitor and Catering add-in

Rooms4U Visitor and Catering add-in offers more advanced options for the employee when organizing a meeting via the Outlook client. Order catering, add external visitors, reserve parking spots and order other amenities. Please know that companies that only use the Rooms4U application can also order catering, amenities and more, but this has to be done in the ServiceNow Service portal.

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by Chris Barnoski from Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP on 2017-09-20 20:16 for version 4.3.4
Love the app–we are getting ready to replace our current room reservation system and using this with our ServiceNow instance will be ideal. Can’t wait to dive more into the Outlook integration as well. Very easy to configure.
by James Sweet from Booz Allen Hamilton – Defense Intelligence on 2017-06-09 20:38 for version 4.1.0
Great app with sleek UI and easy to integrate with it’s own service portal and tables.
by Johnny Quinonez from County Of Tulare on 2017-02-23 00:49 for version 2.6.5
Great user interface and easy to use. Easily customized to meet the needs of our local clients. We are proud to be the FIRST USA customers! Thanks to Vincent and Plat4mation staff for your patience, efforts, and professionalism, in working with us to our satisfaction. They always listen to our needs and are very responsive.

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