Planboard4U resource scheduling in one single overview to optimize resource utilization

How easy would it be to do resource scheduling in one single overview? Easily allocate tasks, plan work and appointments across departments and employees, and have a full overview of operational and project activities. The result? Optimized resource utilization, hence improve employees’ productivity.

How can your organization benefit from using Planboard4U?

It’s a big challenge for large organizations to allocate people with the right skills, to the project where those skills are needed and have the necessary resources available at the right times. Planboard4U helps you locate and allocate these resources in one single overview.

By implementing Planboard4U, your organization stands to benefit in a number of ways. Efficiently planning resources and work across departments and employees has a direct impact on your employees’ utilization and productivity and threfore your organization’s overall performance and financial results. Plan all your employees and resources efficiently in one single overview to save planning time.

Continued optimization of resource utilization

Planboard4U enables you to assign employees to tasks, easily plan work and appointments across departments and employees to optimize resource utilization. The resulting data provides management with useful information on planned utilization and capacity of employees.

The application provides an accurate picture of the utilization of your employees and resources. Use this information to analyze if the available capacity of employees are fully utilized. Identify future resource needs and skill shortage to make valuable and informed decisions and at the same time inform management.

Reduce scheduling effort and save costs

With Planboard4U you are able to reduce the scheduling effort which saves time. It’s easy and quick to schedule, reschedule and structure a resource plan using drag and drop functionality. You no longer need to plan using a combination of e-mail, spreadsheets and outdated systems. Planboard4U provides you with centralized planning application that provides a clear overview of all assignments and available resource capacity.

A quick and user friendly planning system

Give your organization a centralized planning board. Get rid of confusions or misinterpretations because every employee is using his or her own method. Prevent scheduling errors. Give your organization structure and make planning easier for employees and managers.

The app is easy to use due to the intuitive functionality by dragging and dropping items on a calendar overview. Managers can use flexible configurable filters to access all work to be planned and use standard items for regular events. Every team can check each other’s planning and when you need different skills from another team, easily check the availability and plan when needed. Employees get their tasks automatically send to their agenda and have a clear overview in Planboard4U.

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by Thomas Barbillion from PEAK-IT Managed Services BV on 2017-02-23 00:49 for version 1.1.1
It works great. The Planboard reduces the scheduling effort of our staff with 80% compared to our previous tool. With the drag-and-drop it goes quick, and employees get their tasks automatically in their agenda.

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