Connector4U allows you to quickly create robust ServiceNow integrations with systems inside and outside your organization

Are you looking for a best practice, quick and cost effective approach to create ServiceNow integrations to other systems or to your external service providers? Connector4U is a cost efficient approach which significantly reduces the work required to build, maintain and adapt world class interfaces.

How can your organization benefit from using Connector4U?

When building a ServiceNow integration to another ServiceNow instance, an internal ERP system or the IT Service Management platform of an external Service Provider, you require admistrators with advanced scripting knowledge (REST, SOAP). Building a fully functioning integration is usually quite a complex task and therefore highly time consuming. After a ServiceNow integration is developed, making changes is typically the last thing companies want to undertake, limiting your organization’s innovation potential.

Connector4U is a utility application specifically designed for ServiceNow that significantly reduces the complexity of building an intelligent and robust integration. Time for building and adapting an integration is therefore drastically reduced. The provided error handling and remediation functionality ensures that little to no time needs to be spend on maintenance and error correction.

Quick and user friendly integrations

Connector4U is a powerful ServiceNow integration accelerator that significantly reduces the work required to build integrations by offering drag-and-drop integration development functionality. It can be easily installed within ServiceNow, no need for additional infrastructure or software licenses.

Connector4U is used to quickly build ServiceNow integrations to core (ERP) Applications, such as HR (Workday, Peoplesoft, Succesfactors) and Finance (SAP, Oracle). It’s easy to create ServiceNow integrations with other ITSM applications (ServiceNow and others) to exchange information related to incidents, changes, CI’s, and more.

Connector4U is specifically useful for (internal or external) IT Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) that use ServiceNow and need to connect to the ServiceNow instances of their clients. These organizations can use Connector4U to drastically reduce ServiceNow integration development time. At our clients, we have observed that creating an integration to support incident management is completed in a couple of hours.

Reduce integration development costs and save time

When creating an interface, a common task is that triggers need to be build to ensure outbound API calls are send to a receiving system at the right time, including the correct data in the right format. It is not uncommon that the required integration logic needs to be scripted by programmers. Also considerable time is typically required to create scripts that include the logic to translate incoming API messages (including data field mappings) into the correct actions in ServiceNow. Connector4U provides easy to use functionality to allow non-technical ServiceNow administrators to create the required inbound and outbound logic using “point and click”. This significantly improves the quality of the integration and reduces development time from days or even weeks to just a couple of hours.

Robustness is standard included

Building a truly robust integration means that besides defining the integration logic, also time and energy needs to be put into thinking about scenarios when the integration could break. For example, what happens when Internet connection is lost or when an update in system A leads to an update in system B, in return updating system A (so called bouncing tickets). Then additional thought and development time needs to be spent on developing the functionality to automatically remediate such error scenarios, to prevent that a lot of time needs to be spend by your system administrator to make manual corrections that add to the costs of running an integration. Based on integration best practices and building on our past experience, we developed Connector4U to include the functionality remediate the most common integration error scenario’s. Again, saving you a great deal of time.

Catalog Synchronization removes double administration

IT Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) typically maintain a Service Catalog in their own ServiceNow instance to allow multiple clients to order standard services (i.e. order a laptop, access to applications, add a new user, etc.). However, clients demand that their employees only need to use their own internal instance to submit a request. It is not uncommon that client Service Desks need to manually re-create these requests in the MSP instance or (worse) that an integration is developed that does not transmit all required data to fulfil the request. This adds considerable additional manual steps, adding to the cost to serve.

Connector4U offers a unique feature that allows Service Catalogs to be synchronized between multiple instances. This allows for easy copying of catalog items developed in the ServiceNow instance owned by the Managed Service Provider to be copied into a client ServiceNow instance. This ensures that clients can request services from their own ServiceNow instance, whilst ensuring they provide all relevant data (taking important business rules/logic into account) to allow a streamlined fulfilment process.

Synchronizing records between multiple systems

With the Connector4U synchronize records between multiple systems in a straightforward yet flexible user interface.

SIAM or MSI (Multi-supplier Integration): IT organizations are increasingly dependent on Service Providers and it is essential that ITSM processes can cross organizational boundaries

Integrate with ERP: ServiceNow can be used as the single store front for your employees to request services, that lead to transactions in your ERP systems.

IT4IT/DevOps: Use ServiceNow to govern your software development, test and deployment processes, which requires integration with specialist IT applications.

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by Christelle Duchamp from Post Telecom SA on 2018-02-05 20:16 for version 1.4.41
We’ve used Connector4U to connect 2 instances in different version with one of our main customer. The most difficult part was on our side to establish the functional specification and Use Cases in order to get a list of business rules to be implemented. Once done, the implementation by Plat4mation went well and fast. Plat4mation consultants had good expertise and was involved successfully in all phases (implementation, test and go live). Finally, one of the other benefit we see is the user friendly logging mechanism, that keep all exchanges of information between instances.
by Marek Stawowy from ING Services Polska Sp Zoo on 2017-02-23 00:49 for version 1.2.7
Application is quite good. Delivers functionality to connect different Service-Now instances in efficient and simple way. The biggest advantage of using this tool it that you have all configuration in one place.
by Zdenek Slavik from ING Commercial Banking on 2017-02-23 00:49 for version 1.2.7
We (ING Wholesale Bank) were first customer whom went to production with Connector4U. PoC itself took less than one hour, after one hour we were capable to exchange incidents between two ServiceNow instances. Technical setup is surprisingly simple, it is just working! For anyone, whom want to have easy to use interface between 2+ instances of ServiceNow the Connector4U is way to go!!


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