Agile4U is a tool specially developed to make agile work at large scale

An ideal tool for organizations who are in the transition from an individual team approach to a structured scaled agile way of working. The results? Jump start your agile transition, enhance user adoption and significantly lower implementation costs.

How can your organization benefit from using Agile4U?

Organizations are realizing that IT could be a (disruptive) competitive advantage, if done correctly. For example, Netflix is changing the TV industry. In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are constantly pressured to adapt to changing market conditions. Organizations that want to keep up with the pace of the business need to become more Agile since Agile processes are highly collaborative, iterative and all focused on the rapid and repeatable delivery of software.

Maybe your organization is already working Agile in individual teams. However Small scale scrum in large organizations could lead to teams acting in isolation; company goals can be forgotten. Agile at Scale provides a consistent approach directed towards achieving company goals. But Agile at Scale only works when a unified data model and consistent way of working is in place, something ServiceNow is ideally positioned to provide.

Stand alone tools provide flexibility to teams, but it is impossible to coordinate efforts between teams or roll-up data to enterprise level. ServiceNow ensure dependencies can be managed and a clear breakdown is in place to relate the individual scrum task of a squad member to the strategic goals of the company.

Agile4U is developed to support the complete Value Cycle to allow Agile to work at large scale with the use of ServiceNow. The Agile4U application combines custom (Store) Apps and functionality with already existing ServiceNow modules, in order to manage the whole value stream from identification of company goals to realization. With Agile4U the process runs more efficiently and it will be more cost-effective when you deliver software that directly contribute to the business goals. Have less waste and create more value.


Agile4U supports the whole Agile process

Agile4U is a suite which supports the whole Agile process; you no longer need additional tools which are possibly not aligned properly or are missing elements within the Agile process.

With the Agile4U suite you make smart use of the already existing ecosystem within ServiceNow. We have developed additional applications to fill the gaps which ServiceNow has with an Agile way of working. Work Agile from the business (organizational goals) to the developers (releases) and jumpstart your agile transition with Agile4U.


Enhance user adoption and lower implementation costs

Our implementation approach ensures that the right components of Agile at Scale are implemented in the correct order to ensure benefits can be reaped each step of the way. Besides a faster time to market, the applications provide an excellent User Experience that helps to overcome barriers to change. In addition, our Agile Assets (Way-of-Working, Workshop materials, Training materials, Testing materials, and more) ensure time and costs are saved.

The complete Value Cycle to allow Agile to work at large scale

To stay competitive in the market you need to have ideas which will eventually be executed in order to achieve the business goals. Agile4U helps you in every step of the way.

With agile4U you can insert these ideas and give them a score (of expected importance). Subsequently, the business can do the actual prioritization based on required, value, risk and size. Then the application StoryMap (part of the Agile4U suite) allows you to decompose the project. For example, which part of the project is a must have and which ones are nice to have. Next, an overall plan of the project is made in the application PortfolioWall using Epics. After that, the technical employees will break up the Epics into Stories in order for them to find out what their activities are; refining backlog. They will plan these into Sprints with the use of the Scrumboard4U application, based on capacity, resources, and more. The earlier Epics are managed during execution based on Status, Stories and Assignments with the help of the ServiceNow’s StoryBoard. Last but not least, Stories of 1 or more Sprints are put into production on the basis of a release. After release continuous improvement takes place like defects and enhancements are the basis of new Stories.

Agile4U specific dashboards

Agile4U provides 3 specific dashboards, StoryMap, PortfolioWall and Scrumboard4U that support the Agile way of working from defining your change initiatives until execution.

With StoryMap you can break down projects in Agile phases and define the Epics per Agile Phase. The board contains record watchers, meaning that if others change the cards, the cards are also real-time updated in all browsers (without needed to refresh).

Within the PortfolioWall the Epics can be planned in one or multiple sprints in time. The backlog is structures per Project and Agile Phase. With filtering the relevant information can be shown on screen. This board also contains record watchers.

Scrumboard4U is a drag-and-drop task board for the product owner to plan the Stories in sprints between the different teams. Move stories between backlogs and teams. This drastically simplifies the job of assembling a sprint and tracking the effort to complete the stories in the sprint.

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